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Although some parts are dated now, as this was originally published in 1991, its still a good read. I guessed most of the storys conclusion around half-way through, but I believe Mr James didnt want to keep this from the reader by using red-herrings, instead I believe it helps the reader to move with the story. Kate is a believable character with a high likeability factor and the opposite can be said for Dr Swire, who is literately unlike-able right from the moment hes introduced. (I think I also had a slight crush on Patrick).The last final paragraphs are a truly dark yet delicious conclusion that had me smiling and saying to myself, Couldnt have happened to a more deserving character.Peter James, has an innate ability to make the mundane interesting and the obscure believable and although this book has a smattering of scenarios that may appear implausible when theyd been woven into the text they work well.If Peter James novels were chocolate, theyd be an expensive Madagascan 80% cocoa blend, and I look forward to breaking of another square and enjoying some more.

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